History The FIZO was developed in 2013 where the product team merged two of HI-TEC best developments throughout the years; the infinity trail (knitted upper technique) and the rolling gait system. Both technologies proved their value to athletes around the world who liked to venture from path to trail. ___ Technology Suze: seamless upper zone engineering for breathability, full support and comfort. Welded pu cage for durability and fit. The vibram rollin gait system sole unit has an innovative midsole and outsole combination that supports the natural movement of the foot to reduce muscle fatigue.

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HI-TEC®️’s functional Rollin Gait System (RGS) was developed by Vibram in collaboration with the HI-TEC®️ product team in 2011. Vibram® RollinGait System (RGS) is an innovative technology that helps the natural roll of the foot, blending form and flexibility. It has been specially developed to optimise energy output, reduce muscle fatigue and helps you walk for longer. When the foot first hits the ground, the centre of pressure moves from the heel to the metatarsus and then the toes. The unique curved shape of the RGS sole supports the natural movement of the foot on the ground, step after step. Less energy consumption + less muscle fatigue = more endurance.

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